Thoughts on Perseverance

I just finished the dishes and am very hot. Dripping hot. This is the 3rd dishwasher that has broken on us. I simply have never experienced a more fatally flawed appliance in the history of man kind. There is no possible way for the machines to rise if they are relying on the technology of a dishwasher. My guess is technology will have to improve vastly for the machines to ever have a chance at taking over.
I’ve come to a conclusion on Perseverance. My conclusion is I do not like perseverance. I takes a whole lot of you to persevere. Kind of like washing dishes. Once one starts, it is easier to finish them that to let them sit and come back to them. You walk away, all you really accomplish is passing the chore forward. Sort of shirking responsibility. What if the task really isn’t that important? Is it still shirking if you pass a seemingly meaningless chore forward?
My take on perseverance is perseverance makes a great story. Think for a minute about all your favorite movies. Where does the common thread come from in most of those movies? Probably perseverance. Think of movies like Batman, Ip Man, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, Bourne — all seem to have the common thread of perseverance. Some for a noble cause, others, Capt’n Jack, not so noble. I think Sam Wise, in Lord of the Rings, put it best when he observed that the true heroes are not those who didn’t fear, but were those who had many chances to turn back, but never did.
Persistence. Because of persistence, we name our children after people of noble character who fought hard to persevere, somehow hoping the name will allow some transfer of greatness to our offspring. We all wan the fame of brave heart, though none of us want all the battles. We want the just-add-water version of greatness that can be had without perseverance. This desire is completely conflicting and the notion at the core is quite impossible. Fame speaks of persistence. For the persistent, honor continues to speak from the grave — even without a tombstone to fully identify. Honor becomes of a dedicated and persistent life. Those persistent souls become catalysts for our convenience and eventual apathy. The persistent may never take the sword, podium or spotlight, but the persistent still live as icons long after their flesh has turned to dust in an unmarked grave.
Conclusion: I will never be put to song for installing 2 dishwashers in the same home in the same day.
Algorythmic Analysis: if you want to make a difference, if you want to change the world, if you want to be more than the dash between two dates on a tombstone, be persistent in something that really matters. A prosperous business is merely a platform for real success born out of perseverance.

Go make a difference.

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