When Bad Reviews Don’t Matter

Reputation Management

In our increasingly connected society, online ratings can be an amusing read.  Reviewers can go from exalting the intelligence and craft to taking off the gloves of pleasantries and ripping skin off authors or business owners, salting the wound openly while KEYBOARD SCREAMING with obvious ire.   My thought: These discontented ratings can be your best ally.  Discrediting the discontented is easy, just read the review.  My personal preference, especially on bigger purchases, is to read the annals of the discontented and what provoked such ire.  Many times the spewing lacks a foundation of reason and shows no lack of quality. These reviews leave room for reasonable doubt.   Reviews without a foundation  actually help your business by discrediting the discontent.  No worries here.

The conversation that carries more weight lies behind the password protected walls of social media.  The connectedness of social media can take an isolated bad call and morph the placid crowd into a pitchfork wielding mob ready to torch a business’ reputation until all that is left is a smoldering skeletal frame. The results can be worse than the ire of a woman scorned.  On the global platform,  Diageo is now feeling the pain after a misstep — the looting continues on Twitter with trending conversations #andthewinnerisnot campaign.

Social Media can lift a business up to new heights, level the playing field with the big brands or it can grind the unburned skeletal remains into fine powder.   Social Media is a magnifying glass. Social Media magnifies the character of an organization as well as the individual.  The conversation is happening, what side of you is being magnified?

What are your thoughts?

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