Orbiting Education with my MBA at Robert Kennedy College

orbiting social media

I am Orbiting Education.  No question the best investment a man (or woman) can make is in bettering themselves by sharpening skills.  My recent investment has been with my MBA at Robert Kennedy College who is in collaboration with  the University of Cumbria, Ambleside in England.  I specifically chose the RKC route to broaden my perspective with an international touch and to enhance the future direction of my life with the core specialization being in Leadership and Sustainability.

The purpose for the title word “Orbiting” is because education is like social media.  You follow and circle the mediums you enjoy and understand not really knowing how much you don’t know until you begin to study the options.  Once the options are studied a whole new strategy can emerge refining the message by understanding the personality of each channel.  Only once you realize how much left there is to know do you really hope that the gravitational pull of your existing skills keeps you in “Orbit” long enough to grasp the new concept, technology while applying the new skill.

I have much to go. Much to learn. Much to orbit.

One small step…at a time.

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5 thoughts on “Orbiting Education with my MBA at Robert Kennedy College

    • I do like RKC. It isn’t for everyone. there are no lectures, it is all reading and blog style discussion. I do like it, but it did take some time to adjust to. Very challenging and rewarding study. I think I learned more this way than in a traditional setting as I had to perform extensive research on my own just to answer forum questions.

  1. Hi, I’m considering the Msc Project Management. How have you found the study model, lecturer presence, assignment turnaround, student online support etc.

    • The online support system is very strong, but it is blog style. There are no lectures. All done through online chats and reading. IF you handle this method, it is a great program. I really enjoy the precision of this type of conversation, but some find it difficult.

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