the power of pictures on social media

Pictures are in.  The trend is here to stay. Social media outlets like Instagram & Pinterest have raised our love for seizing the moments of life to an art. Moments are captured with the click of a phone then pinned, posted, and tagged all within mere moments.  Simple. The simplicity with which we share life connects us. Every picture you take empowers you to be the reporter, the advertiser, the connector.

What if I were to tell you that capturing that moment may also help your message to be heard? Social Media loves media and photos link the text to memory.  The photo enhances the message in three ways.

One: the individual sees and connects with the picture.  A connection is made linking a physical representation to a mental bond.  Pictures with people help us relate to the humanity of what the picture has captured.

Two: social media will rank your post higher for longer an will cause your message and picture to remain in someone’s view (timeline) for an extended period of time.  This may seem insignificant until I tell you only 12% of messages actually reaching their intended target.  The ability to extend the exposure of your message and increase your chances of that message reaching the target simply increases your chances of action on your message.

Three: Photos have a way of creating a sleeper effect.   To better simplify and help you understand the depth of this power, you need to understand that a sleeper effect is a psychological phenomena in which a message with an image embeds itself in the subconscious.  This picture and message is initially discounted, later to be to activated as a viable option.  I probably oversimplified, hope it helps.

It is no secret that social media will rank your post higher and will keep that post, pin or tag fresher in the view of all people if the post contains a picture.  Pictures are a good thing to post if you want your message to get out.   Ready?   Cheese.

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2 thoughts on “the power of pictures on social media

  1. We never have enough time to accomplish all that we want to do we?
    Great post! I have been preaching about the need for photos in content since before it was cool… ok not really, I just wanted to get a hipster jab in there.
    The fact is that human beings are hardwired to respond imagery. We are captivated by beauty, terrorized for nights on end, by horror – and cannot peel our eyes from either. I recently read a study on imagery and it’s stimulation of certain components of the brain to produce “chemical highs”.
    Scientific inquiry and hypothesis notwithstanding, the basic fact is that imagery promotes creativity and engages us on a level that words do not always get to.
    I particularly enjoyed your three “Pros” to including images in content. Well done.

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