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What is perseverance? Waiting? No. Waiting is patience. Patience is resolved to wait it out with hope. Perseverance is more. Perseverance is very different. Perseverance may have a little hope and patience whisked and finely blended into its batter, but perseverance is more. Perseverance has hope, but is resolved to act. Perseverance has patience, but is resolved not to be all in on waiting. Perseverance stares in the face of failure and sees opportunity. Perseverance knows how to fail and how to rise again.

Perseverance is more.

Goodbye Whitney

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It is terribly sad to hear that Whitney Houston has passed away at the age of 48. Words find it difficult to express the sadness of this news. Talent and fame do not replace and cannot replace purpose in life. Rising to the top of your trade does not equal purpose either. So what does equal purpose? Life does have purpose. I firmly believe each of us has been placed specifically and by design in this very moment of history. We have been placed here to fulfill a purpose. The significance we find in life comes when we find that purpose and work with all our heart to fill it.

The sadness of her passing grows with the understanding of her struggle with addiction. Having struggled with addiction myself, I can say addiction is tough to overcome. The only way I overcame my addiction was through a total surrender to a Higher Power. Once I overcame addiction, I realized that one of my purposes in life was to share with others how to find purpose in life.

Life is never beyond hope.


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Purpose. Elusive purpose. Is purpose measured in dollars and cents? One moment we are squeezing purpose from a transaction, exalting a business success, enjoying a puff of smoke, all action. Only to wake the next moment laying defeated, lonely and purposeless – driving ourselves again to find purpose in events, transactions or sedatives. Our challenge is supreme — for in our quest for purpose we can get too late to the point where we realize we have lived a life existence when purpose was within our reach. We settle. We settle for being daily cowards, and momentary heroes when we could be heroes we were meant to be.

Work is only a small part of life. Find real purpose and embrace the leader you were mean to be.

2011 in review

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2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,500 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 25 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Merry Christmas!

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From My Family to Yours, Merry Christmas!

Taxi drivers are good examples of what holistic marketing represents. The story goes; Mr. Taxi, not his real name, with a patron was commuting to a specified location on a four lane divided highway. The left lane was his kingdom and he was bound to defend it. Keeping up with traffic speed was irrelevant – unless he was about to be passed. The only way to pass was in the right hand lane. As one made the move to pass, Mr. Taxi would speed up to ensure you were boxed in with other vehicles in right hand lane, only to slow down again and tease the opening. Each move was calculated and precise as he sped up to control his moving turf. I couldn’t help but feel as if I had just seen sales and holistic marketing, even if Mr. Taxi had no idea he was selling and marketing. Here are the perceptions Mr. Taxi conveyed in marketing to his perceptive audience.

Internal Customer Perceptions

· Jerky ride when Mr. Taxi sped up

· Obnoxious staff with poor reliability

· High bill for slow driving

· Unnecessarily competitive

External Customer Perceptions

· Intentionally rude actions to those around

· Cunning precision

· Disregard for common courtesy

· Competitive jerk

· I’ll never use that company

Certain perceptions are worth casting. These were not. In this encounter I experienced competition, I experienced precision, I experienced customer service, and I experienced holistic marketing. All of these experiences reflected on Mr. Taxi’s employer. Each of these experiences played a key factor into public perception. The only perception I did not experience was the bill. A poor patron had to experience paying a bill for a lazy Mr. Taxi with a competitive attitude. Your business needs to run like a Swiss Time Piece. Each gear needs to function chronologically moving other gears in unison. When one part does not align, the Time Piece will not work efficiently. Holistic marketing is more than monologue marketing printing ads, voicing radio commercials, following FaceBook & Twitter. Holistic marketing is making sure your entire business is functioning like a Swiss Time Piece. Holistic marketing is Sales, marketing, production, customer service, payroll, accounts receivable, delivery, installation and whatever else your company does working in like gears in a Swiss Time Piece.

This leads me to some final questions. What is the perception being unwittingly cast by your team? Do they know how you want to be perceived? Have you inspected what you have expected? How is your holistic marketing working out?

Holistic marketing at work (photo taken at stop light)

What are your plans?

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A leader always has plans for tomorrow’s business.  What are yours?   I’d love to hear.   Please vote and then share your thoughts.

Leadership is more than commands meant to correct a process. Leadership is more than long hours. Leadership is more than business success. Leadership is more. Leadership is about being able to knock down the walls compartmentalizing life to find the same you in each place. Leadership is about balance where the family life and balance sheets both carry the same weight. Leadership is more.

Leadership adapts to the needs of the business, adapts to the needs of their people, adapts to the needs of their families. Leaders don’t lack for ambition, they lack in balance.

How does one get balance back? There can be some adjustment. A good consultant can point out places, attitudes and processes. Holistic marketing, where the whole company works together to shape an image, helps align a business and create momentum. Implementing these thoughts and refinements cannot be done by a gunslinger alone. Leadership remembers that employees follow by choice or by coercion. If they follow by choice, momentum is created. If employees follow by coercion, the “leader” is not really a leader as he has no followers.

Why do businesses fail? Leadership.

What are your thoughts?

Would it be worth it if you could improve your business’ accuracy and effectiveness over night? What if a single simple step could build the health of your business 10%? Would it be worth the effort? What if this one step actually worked and applied to multiple businesses like: doctors, mechanics, builders and realtors? Would you be willing to take 1 hour to improve 20%?

Interesting questions. Here is how to improve. Take a regular pad of lined paper and a pencil. Make a list of critical functions for each transaction to be successful. As you complete the items, check the items off the list. Too simple? Think again.

In a recent book called “The Check List Manifesto: How to Get Things Right” by Atul Gawande a surgeon who also teaches at Harvard Medical School, Gawande talks about how a simple list in the surgery room would improve their chances of a successful surgery by 35%. How? Several ways, I will share two.

Reduced obvious mistakes by catching them before they escalate, cause damage and waste. In a medical facility, not washing your hands can lead to someone’s death. Is washing required for doctors? Yes. Does it always happen? Emergency overwrites unless you plan for emergency. Having owned my own construction company for a while I know there are times when I forgot to carry a ladder to a roof job. A check list would have caught the obvious.

Increased teamwork as everyone knew the plan, what to expect and who made the call when the decision got tough. I can only imagine how tense it can get when a patient’s life hangs in the balance. Surgery is messy, contrary to surgery if the realtor is expecting the finance guy to provide the termite inspection, no lives will be lost but closing will not happen.

The question is not “does it improve?” The real question is will you do it? Would you like open heart surgery from a surgeon that did not follow a detailed process that had proven to improve conditions and survival by 35%?

Thank You

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From our Family to yours, happy Thanks Giving.