Does Social Media Advertising Really Work?

Yes. It does work.

I can personally track over $8M is sales on Social Media of new homes during the worst recession since the Great Depression.  The challenge is knowing how to work the system. Here are a couple of tips that I found useful:

  • Timing: you need to know when to spread the message and when to listen.
  • Conversation: Social Media is truly social. Monologues do not work and may even be counterproductive.
  • Content: superior content is visited again and again.
  • Personal: Marketing tells you to keep it professional, I’m telling you to make it personal if you want to succeed on Social Media.
  • Story Time: People love stories and hate lectures.  You Drone – they leave.  Simple concepts.

There is much more I could relate, but I also know you time is of the essence and you barely have enough time to read this post.   Probably the same reason GM failed.  GM was good at sending encyclopedias when a simple postcard to garner the emotion of the buyer and distract their ADHD would do.

Moral of the story: Continue reading